Inhouse Trainings


No previous knowledge of music

Time and again, supposedly unmusical people surprise others and themselves with excellent leadership qualities at the conductor’s stand. No previous knowledge of music is required here as specially developed scores and other tools are used.

Our Training Formats:

Format Days Content Musicians
Intensive day on the podium
1 Day Managing the challenge “conducting the orchestra” and deriving goals and measures for individual leadership development. String quartett or Orchestra
Balanced leadership
2-3 Days Aligning the team – Bringing expectations and goals across – Taking influence effective – Keeping perception and influence in a balance
My Team – My Orchestra
Experiencing and transfering the success factors of famous orchestras to the team.

In addition to that, we design special formats regarding to

– Target group

– Focal area

– Number of participants

– Time frames and budget

– Forming part of a course of study or a stand-alone training course