Our mission


… the first Leadership Orchestra training took place in Vienna. Since this time, hundreds of executives in Austria, Germany, Belgium and Hungary have tested and developed their leadership behaviour on our platform.

Consistent Leadership

With the conducting training method, we help executives communicate their expectations, objectives and feedback in a convincing and non-contradictory way. Considerable value is thereby placed on a credible attitude to the role of leadership.

‘Mystery Box’

Executives are growing increasingly distant from the consequences of their leadership behaviour as a result of widening spans of control.  Their own organisation often seems to be a ‘mystery box’ which inexplicably transforms their actual intentions into undesired results.

The orchestra – an ideal organisation

In contrast to this, conducting the Leadership Orchestra® makes the effects of leadership tangible here and now. The musicians play exactly how they get portrayed and conducted the piece. The executives receive both musical AND verbal feedback on their leadership behaviour.

Our offer

We offer proactive training courses that make it easy for you to feel and see the consequences of your actions. We support the further development of leadership behaviour with focussed transfer work. The LEADERSHIP ORCHESTRA has been an excellent training instrument to this end since 2001.