Lorenz Huber

Pioneer of the conducting training method

From his childhood, Lorenz Huber has passionately dedicated himself to music. But already in 2001, when graduating as a conductor, he started to develop the training method conducting for executives which he has applied in his project Leadership Orchestra up until today. This was the foundation of his current consultancy work.

With his first customer project, an insurance company invited him to follow a trainer’s training. At the same time, he continued studies in business administration, leadership theory, conflict management, and ethics. He gave classes on management and leadership and was the head of a music school for six years.
After that, Lorenz Huber headed the training unit of a Vienna business consultancy company. During this time, he conceptualized and led leadership development programs focusing on real business simulation, strategy development, negotiation, and presentation. Lorenz Huber gained his MA “Professional Teaching and Training” with a thesis on evaluation methods for leadership programs, focusing on personality development. As a freelance consulter his focus is now on contributing to the interaction of executives and staff members as well as to the organizational interaction at interfaces, with customers and the external environment.

His work priorities are

  • Leadership Orchestra: Trainings and interactive keynotes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Guest Lecturer at Universities for Sales & Negotiation, Sponsoring, Leadership

As a trainer and consultant, Lorenz Huber is part of numerous leadership development programs. Furthermore, he regularly speaks at major events. His activities took him in particular to Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and The Netherlands. Lorenz Huber was born in Dresden and lives with his family near Vienna.

Course of Studies

  • Business Administration for Executives
  • Master of Arts „Professional Teaching and Training“
  • Trainer’s Diploma
  • Conducting Diploma
  • Music Education Diploma


  • Ethics
  • Diversity Management
  • Leadership between cooperation and competition
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Innovative Marketing
  • Conflict Management / Mediation
  • School Principals’ Academy
  • Sponsoring