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Leadership Orchestra A team and its leaders can deliver top performances when they implement the secrets of success of top-level orchestras. It is about coordination and inspiration, about the right balance between perception and influence, and about understanding the joint piece. Exciting interaction with the audience.
The Digital Orchestra Today’s concertgoers compare the performance with the digital sound of a CD. Orchestras do not only bring their sound to the market but also their work culture. Together with sound engineer and composer Johannes Kobald, we use modern studio technology live and develop a new piece of music together with the audience. The focus is on the influence of digitalization on the success of leadership and teams.
How Alpha-Teams orchestrate themselves
The triangle of conductor, concertmaster and soloist is an effective area of tension. Strong personalities struggle for the best interpretation of the joint piece, in order to be able to subsequently convince the orchestra and the audience together. This is an interesting analogy with top teams constantly proving themselves towards the market and staff.
Learning to network from musicians
Musicians have always been champions in networking. Otherwise they would not have been able to survive. More or less in passing, they keep themselves updated, discover new opportunities and quickly create business models out of spontaneous ideas. Our orchestra musicians gladly share their tips during the session.
An Interim Symphony Long before interim management was created as a business model, guest conductors were traveling interval executives. Up to now, they have perfected their technique of smooth change. It is about observing the team, thorough preparation, settling into the existing body and a gradual, charming change.

We also design special formats regarding to

– Target group & number of participants

– Focal area

– Time frames and budget

– Forming part of a big event or small symposium